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Herd-Boss Feeders was started in 2015 by Joe Thramer in Ericson, NE. After distillers came along, Joe wanted to have an easier way to feed his cattle. So he started designing and it led to Herd-Boss Feeders. After being the owner of Herd-Boss Feeders for 5 years, Joe decided it was time to sell. Since Ironwood 53 in Rock Valley, IA was producing these feeders for him, he approached the owner, Mike Post wanting to sell to him since it fit his existing businesses. At the beginning of March 2020, the Herd-Boss company was officially sold to Ironwood 53.

Ironwood 53 worked together with Joe Thramer to re-engineer the original small Herd-Boss model and developed the larger model. We are pleased to have Joe continue his expertise with the Herd-Boss machines as a dealer representative and a Herd-Boss dealer. We are excited and humbled to take on the Herd-Boss company while continuing to meet the customers’ needs and expectations for these quality feeders.



WDGS Avg. cost/ton


Cost to supplement 3 lbs.
Per cow every 2 days

$.105 (10 ½ cents)

Supplementing 75 days in a 150 day pasture cycle


Avg. Extra weight gain on calves

75-100 lbs.

Potential extra daily gain on calves

.67 lbs. Per day

Supplemented calves sell price at 600 lbs. (1.51)


$906.00 – $7.88 cost per cow to supplement


Calves not supplemented sell price at 525 lbs. ($1.64)


0.00 cost


Extra profit per calf


$37.12 x 100 head

= $3,712

Why Choose Us?

  • WDGS average cost per ton $70.00
  • Supplementing 6 lbs. Per cow every four days = $0.21
  • 150 day pasture cycle, supplemented 38 days = $7.88 per cow
  • Producers have seen an extra 75-100 lbs. Upon weaning
  • Non Supplemented – selling calves at 500 lbs at $1.60 = $800 per hd
  • Supplemented – selling calves at 600 lbs at $1.43 = $858 per hd
  • Calves gaining and extra .67 lbs per day
  • Supplemented calves sell price of $858.00 – $7.88 (cost per cow to supplement) = extra $50.00 per hd profit
  • Better condition on cows = Higher conception rate on breed back

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