4815 Feeder Trailer

The 4815 Feeder Trailer is great for farmers without a flatbed pickup and need to transport feed to their livestock or other animals. Designed for a smooth ride and durability to accommodate the weight of the feed. See its features in the description for more information.

  • Weight = 2,407 Lbs.
  • 102″ Wide
  • 140″ Length
  • 86.5″ Height
  • Room for 24″ Lick Tub
  • 2-5/16″ Ball Coupler
  • Robust Steel Construction
Category: Product ID: 1986



The 4815 feeder trailer is a great option for those who do not have a flatbed pickup. The trailer has a robust steel construction that adds durability and reassurance that the trailer will be able to handle the weight of the unit and feed.


For useful information the trailer is attachable to 2-5/16 ball. The trailer along with he 4815 Feeder unit has an approx. weight of about 2,400 lbs. The whole unit has a width of 102”, length of 140”, and a height of 86.5”. There is space in the A-frame of the trailer that is a nice bonus to fit any necessary items needed or more specifically a 24” lick tub. A manual crank jack is also supplied for being stored when not in use. The suspension system is a great feature for the trailer as it gives a smooth ride no matter what terrain. Proper weight distribution was taking into consideration when designing this unit no matter if loaded or unloaded. The height of the trailer is was specifically designed so when the 4815 is on the trailer, it can operate at the correct height to feed into a bunk.

Battery and Electrical Accessories

A deep cycle marine battery is supplied  along with the trailer to supply the unit power. The battery is chargeable with a 7-blade trailer plug that can be plugged into the back of a truck or any other usable equipment to pull the trailer that has this accessory. The trailer is also equipped with 2 trailer lights for brakes, turn signals, and hazards.

Overall, the 4815 Trailer is a practical and reliable option for those in need of transporting their feeder if no flatbed truck is available.

More Questions

Please contact us through our Herd Boss website or through your local dealer for any further questions. See additional accessories that are available for purchase that will better enhance this product.