4815 Bolt Together Feeder

The 4815 bolt-together feeder is our largest of our bolt-together cake feeders. This unit is very versatile in what it can feed and is a great piece of equipment for farmers who need to transport feed for their livestock or other animals. There are many features that come with the 4815 bolt-together option that will help the farmer save time and improve their feeding operations.

  • Electric/Hydraulic Power Unit (12V electrical system)
  • Powerful Hydraulic Drive Motor
  • Hard-wired Remote-Control
  • Heavy-duty Wiring
  • Capacity: 78 cu. Ft.
  • 48” Wide @ the Base
  • 88” Long @ the Base
  • 37” Tall @ the Base
  • 17” spout
  • 72” Wide @ the Top
  • 96” Long @ the Top
  • 1,300 Lbs. Empty
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The 4815 bolt-together feeder is the largest cake feeder we have to offer in the bolt together style. This unit has a bolt-together hopper for shipping large quantities. This option reduces the amount of shipping cost per unit by being able to disassemble the units and fitting more in containers when shipped overseas. It is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that is designed to meet the needs of the farmer. Those needs are for whom require large capacity feed stuff that needs to be delivered to their livestock or other animals. With a capacity of 78 cubic feet, this feeder can hold a significant amount of feed, which can be dispensed using the chain-driven dispensing system.

Chain-Driven Dispensing System

Compared to other auger-driven feeders in the industry, the 4815 bolt-together feeder is more efficient and reduces the amount of bridging and binding of feed, saving time and reducing product waste. Because of this, the feeder is not limited to specific types of feed. Such as corn, silage, cube feed, wet cake, cotton seed, brewers’ grain, etc.

Power Requirements

To function the 4815 cake feeder, it requires a 12V battery, typically connect to the truck battery, to power the hydraulic power unit. This powers source in turn then powers the hydraulic orbital motor. A hard-wired remote is able to turn the chain with a push of a button.


Dimensionally this unit is large. This feeder measures 48” wide at the base, 37” tall, and 88” long. At the top of the unit, it measures 72” wide and 96” long. This unit also comes with a 17” wide spout for dispensing. The larger opening at the top of the feeder allows for easy loading without worrying to much about spillover. Slightly shorter length at the top is to be within Australia road regulations.

Overall, the 4815 cake feeder is an excellent investment for farms who need a large capacity feeder that is efficient, versatile, and easy to use.

More Questions

Please contact us through our Herd Boss website or through your local dealer for any further questions. See additional accessories that are available for purchase that will better enhance this product.